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Complete redesign and prototype testing for Bikago website

June 26, 2024
Inha Tolochenko
8 min

Bikago is South East Asia’s largest motorcycle and scooter rental company. The initial request from the client was for a complete redesign of the Bikago website, with a primary focus on creating a mobile version. In addition, they emphasized the importance of streamlining the motorbike rental process. The client perceived the previous rental flow on their website as not user-friendly and did not meet the needs of mobile users.

The redesign process involved the following stages:

– Desk research

– UX Prototyping

– Prototype testing

– New user interface design for the Bikago website

– Creating the set of components

Desk research

We’ve divided the process of desk research into five steps:

– Interview with a client

– Analysis of Google Analytics

– User feedback analysis

– Competitor analysis

– Our recommendations for website and rental improvements

Interview with the client was the initial stage of desk research. It was important to get details that would affect the future design process. During the interview, we learned more about the target audience of the rental service and how Bikago stands out from competitors.

Based on the data gathered during the conversation, we created a user persona and identified the pain points that concern a potential motorcycle renter in Bali and Phuket.

After identifying the pain points of renting a motorbike our team proceeded to the analysis of direct and indirect competitors more objectively and took these insights into account during the future design process.

The client provided us with access to Google Analytics of Bikago website. This allowed us to find the weak places of the website where the service lost its users.

Another crucial marker for improvement was the bounce rate, mentric helped us understand how well the website attracted and retained users. The bounce rate showed that the service didn’t match their expectations and needs. Our conclusions were confirmed by users’ feedback analysis.

Results of research

Based on the analysis conducted and the analytics provided by the client, we proposed the following solutions:

– Website optimizations for mobile devices to provide a seamless experience for users on smartphones and tablets.

– Ensuring clear and persuasive CTAs that guide users to take desired actions.

– Make navigation easy for users to find what they’re looking for by having a simple and intuitive navigation menu.

– Increase content readability by using legible fonts, proper spacing, and maintain a clean design to make content easy to read.

– Creating a visually appealing design that captivates users and makes them more likely to explore Bikago website.

– Incorporating interactive elements like sliders, accordions, and quizzes to engage users.

– Add more social proof and trust signals by showcasing customer reviews, testimonials, and trust badges to build trust with visitors.

– Content should be user-centric: content that speaks to the needs and concerns of the target audience.

– Creating user-friendly error pages and ensuring that error messages are informative and helpful.

– Clear and engaging headlines: compelling headlines and subheadings to draw users into content.

UX prototyping stage

At this stage, we completely created the prototype of the mobile version of the website and then extended it to the desktop version.

It is good to mention that according to the client’s analytical data, 90% of users visit the website using mobile devices. The primary need is to create a mobile version of the website. Therefore, the design process was based on the mobile-first approach.

The mobile-first approach means that we start the design process from the mobile end which has more restrictions, then expand its features to create a desktop version.

Reducing a rental flow

The old version of Bikago website required users to go through six steps to rent a motorcycle. Additionally, renting a bike requires users to register on the website. These inconveniences led to a situation when some of the clients chose other rental services, despite Bikago’s many advantages.

We suggested reducing the stages to the four most important ones and removing registration on the website. Also, the client would fill in an email address. Order notifications and checks would be sent to that email address.

Prototype testing

Prototype testing is the process of testing a feature with real users. The purpose of prototype testing is to validate the design before development starts and identify problems early on, so you can build a product that meets user needs and expectations. We created a rental flow prototype and tested it with a focus group.

By testing prototypes, we gathered insights on:

– Usability and accessibility

– User experience (UX)

– Call to action on buttons

– Overall clarity of our rental flow

The collected feedback allowed us to optimize the process and ensured that reducing it to 4 steps was enough.

New user interface design for Bikago website

The Bikago rental service is primarily accessed via mobile devices. We started from the mobile perspective, later expanding to the desktop.

Also, we optimized website pages to enhance user experience. Improving user experience by transforming text into a visually appealing format allowed to save the text and provide future SEO optimization.

For clients seeking rentals on specific islands, we’ve incorporated island-specific pages, complete with rental functionality.

From mobile to desktop version

We extended the mobile to desktop to satisfy users seeking rental services on desktop devices.

As a result, Obriy Design Büro did a comprehensive redesign, streamlined the rental flow, optimized the website, and ensured seamless adaptation from mobile-first to desktop platforms. User testing allowed the creation of such a rental flow on the website that fully meets users’ needs and expectations. In the future, the new design will enhance user engagement and increase the number of users of the service, making Bikago a leader among companies that provide motorcycle rental companies in Bali and Phuket.

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