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we encourage you to support Ukraine by donating to proven funds that are listed below
The fund was founded by members of our team. The core mission is to provide efficient assistance to the defence forces. Since the start of the full-scale invasion in February 2022, fund have increased support to the defenders of Ukraine, who have bravely joined the front lines.
Official fundraising platform of Ukraine. The platform allows one-click donations to Ukraine from anywhere. Also, UNITED 24 is designed for collaboration with charities, partners, donors, and public figures worldwide.
A foundation providing assistance to the military since 2014. They purchase equipment that helps save the lives of the military. Also, their instructors train sappers, drone operators, artillerymen, and snippers, as well as teach pre-medical aid.
This is a volunteer organisation of paramedics. The medical battalion works directly on the front line. They have been saving the lives of those who need it on the front line every day.
Their highest values is the safety and well-being of every child. The work of the organisation is aimed at ensuring that children grow and develop in safety and love.
The fund helps civilians that are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. They provide evacuation of civilians from war zones, delivery humanitarian aid to temporarily occupied or frontline territories, and many other activities.
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