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Design trends as a phenomenon should remain in the past. Obriy Design Büro explains why

February 8, 2023
Inha Tolochenko

In this article, the team of Obriy Design Büro going to share their opinion about the phenomenon of trends in web design and suggest 5 reasons why we should stop thinking in terms of trends

How many times have you seen posts, videos, or articles about trends in the design industry? It’s kind of tradition to post something about trendy tendencies at the beginning of every year. But have you ever thought that different popular staff do not always have a good impact on the design industry?

Long story short. Here are 5 reasons to reconsider your glance at trends in the web design industry.

Reason 1. Trends quickly become outdated

What is popular today might become outdated tomorrow. Design based solely on hot trends may result in a solution that quickly looks outdated, requiring frequent updates to stay relevant.

Kateryna, UX/UI designer

Reason 2. Functionality over wow factor

Not every business needs a bold visual approach. Choosing a visually appealing and functional design often is more valuable than opting for trendy styles.

Reason 3. Not every business needs a trendy design solution

Beyond aesthetics, design plays a pivotal role in meeting the overarching expectations and goals of a business. It is essential to ensure that design choices are strategically aligned with the broader objectives to maximize the impact on the business’s success

Ivan, UX/UI designer 

Reason 4. Trends may not always match user expectations

While trends can be captivating, they may not universally connect with the target audience of a specific design solution. It is crucial to tailor design choices to the preferences and expectations of users to ensure effective communication and engagement

Reason 5. Prevail uniqueness over trend

In a world inundated with trend-driven designs, the decision to prioritize uniqueness becomes a strategic advantage. Uniqueness distinguishes a business and contributes to the long-term impact of design solution

Volodymyr, UX/UI and graphic designer

Trends come and go. At Obriy, we believe in thinking beyond design trends. Prioritize sustainable long-run design solutions over following design trends​​. It means thinking about the business and users and being thoughtful and unique for the long term. Trends are secondary. The focus remains on delivering a design that truly serves its purpose with care and distinction.

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